The Foundations, ("Circle of Light", "Esoterism Studies", "Esoterism Academy", "Religious Philosophy Foundation"), are Spiritual Organizations, which have a purely educational character.
The Publications have a purely practical nature, to illuminate the phenomenon of existence. We try to look at our subjects from various, different, perspectives, precisely to illuminate as best we can the object of our contemplation. Some repetitions are done not out of blindness but for purely educational purposes.
We believe that we deal with all traditions, religions, theories and views, objectively. The reference to the various traditions is made to show that ultimately the Truth is one, regardless of its various historical expressions.
Our purpose is not only to give something from our understanding, but also to share the knowledge with everyone. If you have any question, suggestion, or opinion, about the topics published, we will be happy to share them with us.

Welcome to the Land of Truth (whose deepest and truest expression is the Silence that Rises in Understanding).

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Esoterism Studies

Esoterism Studies




Sunday, 14 April, 2024

Daily Prayer Book

Daily Prayer Book


The One Divine Essence


The murmurs of the sacred stream call to me, beckoning my soul to immerse itself in the rushing waters of Divine Reality. As I surrender my being to the embrace of the Divine Beloved, my limited self melts away into our cosmic oneness.

In the silence, I perceive the beautiful luminosity that emanates from our seamless unity. Here, all notions of separate selfhood dissolve, revealing the singular essence we share as manifestations of the One Divine Life. Bathed in this mystic light, my consciousness expands into the infinite, no longer confined by boundaries that divide.

Now I abide in the iridescent awareness of our true nature, beholding the kaleidoscopic dance of existence from the still point of Eternity. Though myriad forms appear before my sight, they are but veils clothing the unified presence of the Beloved. Peering beneath the cloaks of duality, I discern only the beating heart of Divine Reality.

Ah, what bliss to rest in this transcendent embrace, letting the ebb and flow of creation rock me as I nestle into the peaceful center of all that is. No more do I seek, for I have found my home. No longer do I journey, for I have arrived in the passionate arms of my eternal Beloved.

As whispers of our union echo through realms seen and unseen, my transformed being shimmers as a testament to the all-consuming fire of Divine Love. I bow in gratitude for this boundless perfection which we share, two as one, in the open secret of Being.

Divine Source of All That Is,


In the tapestry of existence, I once strayed far from your embrace, enticed by the fleeting illusions of the world. Yet, through the twists and turns of life's journey, I have found my way back to your eternal truth.

I bow to the lessons learned in the pursuit of empty desires, for they led me to the wellspring of my own soul. As I stand on the threshold of my inner sanctuary, I offer my gratitude for the wisdom gained through these trials.

Grant me the strength to continue walking this path of self-discovery, to always turn inward when the world beckons with its illusions. May I never forget the truth I have glimpsed: that your presence resides within me, a boundless ocean of love and consciousness.

As I shed the attachments that once confined my spirit, I ask for the grace to find serenity in the simplicity of being. Let my awareness be a mirror that reflects the beauty of your creation in all its forms, from the tiniest pebble to the grandest mountain.

Guide me in recognizing that I carry the essence of home within me, wherever I may wander. Let me be a beacon of light, illuminating the paths of others who seek solace and meaning amidst life's tumultuous currents.

May my heart remain open to the boundless love that flows through the universe, embracing both joy and sorrow as essential threads in the tapestry of existence. And in moments of doubt, may I find refuge in the arms of the Eternal, where all suffering is transmuted into divine grace.

With each breath, I offer my devotion and surrender to your eternal presence. Let my life be a prayer, a song of gratitude for the journey that has led me back to you. Here, now, and always, I am held in the embrace of your unending love.

O Divine Beloved


I am but a humble vessel for your cosmic oneness. As I immerse myself in the sacred stream of your reality, I feel my limited-self melting away, and my consciousness expanding into the infinite.

In your embrace, I find peace, unity, and the beauty of our seamless oneness. I behold the kaleidoscopic dance of existence from the still point of Eternity, and I discern only the beating heart of your Divine Reality.

I rest in your transcendent embrace, letting the ebb and flow of creation rock me, as I nestle into the peaceful center of all that is. I am home, I have arrived in the passionate arms of my eternal Beloved.

As whispers of our union echo through realms seen and unseen, my transformed being shimmers as a testament to the all-consuming fire of your Divine Love. I bow in gratitude for this boundless perfection which we share, two as one, in the open secret of Being.

May my soul forever be immersed in the mystic light of your luminosity, that I may be a beacon of unity, peace, and love in the world. May my heart forever beat in harmony with the rhythm of your Divine Reality, that I may be a vessel for your all-consuming fire of love.

I offer this prayer with reverence, gratitude, and love, knowing that I am but a whisper in the silence of your eternal presence. May my words be a blessing to all who read them, and may they remind us all of the beauty and perfection of our shared Being.



May the divine grace of the eternal One pour forth its blessings upon us, enlightening our soul and illuminating our path. May the sacred flame of love burn brightly within our heart, guiding us towards the highest good and the deepest truth.

May the boundless beauty of existence unfold before us, revealing the mystic secrets of the universe and the infinite possibilities of our shared reality. May the gentle breeze of peace caress our spirit, soothing our soul and lifting our heart towards the divine.

May the infinite wisdom of the cosmos guide our steps, and may the eternal presence of the Beloved be our constant companion. May the radiance of our being shine forth, illuminating the world and inspiring all who cross our path.

And when the shadows of doubt and fear threaten to obscure the light of our soul, may the power of the divine presence uplift and protect us, reminding us of the boundless love and perfection that surrounds and sustains us.

May our life be a sacred journey, a mystic odyssey of discovery and growth, a never-ending exploration of the depths and heights of our shared Being. And when the time comes for our return to the eternal realm, may our soul be filled with the glory of the divine, and may our spirit soar on the wings of love, forever one with the Beloved.

In the silence


Beloved Divine, weave my soul into the fabric of your mystical embrace, as I delve deeper into the realms of self-discovery. May my heart remain pure and open, a vessel for the divine nectar that flows from your eternal presence.

With each step I take, may I further surrender to the path that unwinds before me, an odyssey of growth and transformation. Grant me the wisdom to discern the whispers of my soul, guiding me toward the manifestation of my highest potential.

In the silence of contemplation, may I find the harmony that resonates within the depths of my being, a symphony of love that echoes the rhythm of the universe. As I listen to the whispers of the wind, the rustling of leaves, and the beat of life's pulse, may I hear the language of the divine, speaking directly to my soul.

In the stillness of the mind, may I find the strength to let go of all that no longer serves my journey, discarding the burdens that weigh me down and embracing the lightness of being. As I release the shackles of the past and the fears of the future, may I stand firmly in the present, basking in the radiance of your everlasting love.

May my spirit be a flame that burns brightly, illuminating the darkness and casting shadows that remind me of the mysteries that lie within. As I dance with the cosmos, may my movements be a testament to the unity and harmony that exist between the physical and the metaphysical realms.

And when the winds of change blow, may I stand firm, a tree with roots that delve deep into the earth, flexible and resilient, swaying gently in the breeze. May my heart be a sanctuary, a refuge for those who seek solace and guidance, a beacon of hope in the midst of turmoil.

As I walk this path of devotion, may I never forget that your presence is the breath that animates my being, the water that quenches my thirst, and the sun that illuminates my soul. May my life be a prayer, a song of gratitude, a testament to the power of faith and the majesty of your divine grace.

Mystic Prayer


In the silence of my heart, I stand before the Gate of Understanding,

Impregnable, eternal, a doorway to the Real,

Beyond the illusions of this worldly dream.


I quiet my mind, I hush my thoughts,

For in stillness, I find the stream of life,

The ever-flowing, ever-changing now.


I surrender to the Sustaining Condition,

The Absolute Purity, the Source of All,

A void that births creation, where everything begins.


I close my eyes to the distractions of the world,

And I listen, I perceive, I breathe in the moment,

The eternal, timeless, endless flow of Truth.


In this land of Truth, I am whole, I am here,

Exploring breath by breath, the infinite within,

As I carve my path, step by step.


I rely on the Process of Perception,

The only real in a world of passing phenomena,

And I feel HIM who perceives, the True Self.


Timeless, empty, silent, without attributes,

The Father, the Unknown Unknown Substance,

That supports everything, where everything dissolves.


In this unspeakable realm, I discover

The immense depth of my being, beyond all,

The Mysterious God of men, where all is one.


So, in this mystic prayer, I surrender to the Truth,

To the eternal now, the silent wisdom,

And I ask, "What else do I want, when all is here?"

My Father


I am but a humble seeker of truth, yearning to understand the mysteries of existence. In this quest, I have come to realize that truth is not something that can be found in words or theories, but rather in the lived experiences that we have.

I see that people often take the most profound experiences and reduce them to mental conceptions, philosophies, and religions. They talk about life instead of living it, and search for truth in all the wrong places. But truth is not something that can be described or theorized; it is something that must be experienced directly, with an open heart and mind.

I understand that truth is as far from a theory as the real thing I hold in my hand is from the word that describes it. One is alive, ontic, and has a tangible presence, while the other is just a mental construct, a convention of people who assign meaning to a word.

Even if I know the truth, and can show it to others, who will I trust to understand? For truth is not something that can be conveyed through words or speech, but through silence, a smile, or a shared experience.

I see that people are often blind to the truth, because they are caught up in their own perceptions, beliefs, and theories. They do not see the beauty and simplicity of life, the magic that surrounds us in every moment. They do not understand that truth is not something that can be found elsewhere, but is present in every breath we take, in every moment we live.

The secret of life is not something that can be taught or conveyed, but it is something that we must discover for ourselves. It is in the flowing moment, in the silence between thoughts, in the peace that comes from within. It is not something that we can grasp or hold onto, but something that we must allow ourselves to be immersed in.

I pray that I may be worthy to hold the sky, to love the earth, and to walk in peace and happiness, one with all that exists. May I be open to the mysteries of life, and may I see the beauty and simplicity that surrounds me. May I trust in the truth that lies within me, and may I be a beacon of light for those who seek it.

In this moment, I am grateful for the gift of life, for the opportunity to experience and to learn. I am grateful for the truth that is present in every breath, and for the peace that comes from within. May I always remember that truth is not something that can be found, but something that I must allow myself to be immersed in.

Thank you, Father, for this moment, for this breath, for this life. May I be worthy of the gift that has been given to me.

O Hidden One, Source of All,


You dwell within our hearts, closer than breath, nearer than hands and feet.

Though we walk in darkness, you light our path.

Though we sleep in delusion, you awaken us.


Open our eyes, that we may see past veils of separation.

Open our ears, that we may hear your eternal melody.

Quiet our minds, that your silent presence fills us.


Let us know ourselves as we truly are:

Eternal light, cloaked in flesh.

Part of your cosmic dreaming,

At home in your endless love.


Remind us, we are far from home, dreaming we are lost.

Whisper to us, we are found. 

Free us from imagined brokenness,

For we are whole, we are Yours.


May we see your face shining in all we meet.

May we hear your voice in all that speaks.

May we feel your embrace in all that touches us.


O Hidden One, remind us, we are You.   

There is only union, You alone exist.

Lead us from delusion to divine awakening.

Guide us from darkness to Your light.

Divine Source of All Existence


In this sacred moment, I humbly come before you, seeking guidance and connection to the eternal truth that resides within me. I surrender to your infinite wisdom, knowing that you are the essence of all that is real and true.

Grant me the clarity to recognize my true nature, the nature of perception itself. Help me understand that my ability to perceive, to think, to feel, and to act is a gift bestowed upon me by your divine grace. May I use these faculties in harmony with the objective hierarchy of my capabilities, guided by the principles of balance, health, and goodness.

I release the limitations of my own thoughts, the illusions of my ego, and the confines of my personal perspective. I surrender to the vastness of your creation, transcending the boundaries of my mind, and embracing the interconnectedness of all beings.

Grant me the strength to live authentically, to perceive without judgment or attachment, to think without being enslaved by my thoughts, to sense without being consumed by passions, and to act in accordance with the highest good.

May my actions be a reflection of the love and compassion that flow from your divine essence. Help me cultivate understanding, harmony, and peace within myself and in all my interactions with others. Guide me to embrace the beauty of diversity, to transcend the barriers of separation, and to recognize the divinity that resides in every soul.

I trust in the unfolding of life's journey, knowing that each experience is a sacred opportunity for growth and realization. Grant me the courage to embrace life fully, to learn from its challenges, and to celebrate its joys.

Divine Source, I surrender myself to your divine guidance and ask for your presence to be with me always. May I walk this earthly path with grace, wisdom, and humility, honoring the interconnectedness of all existence and living in alignment with my true nature.

Thank you for the blessings bestowed upon me. May my life be a testament to the beauty and power of understanding and expressing my true nature.

In your divine name, I pray.

Oh, Infinite Sophia


Oh, Infinite Sophia, Breath of the Universe,

Grant us the wisdom to see beyond the veil,

To discern the truth from the lies,

And to find the indestructible treasure within.


Guide us on our journey to enlightenment,

That we may know the essence of reality,

And find the fixed points of virtue, knowledge, and freedom,

That give meaning to our dreams and our lives.


As we navigate the realm of the unknown,

May our imagination be illuminated by your light,

That we may not be fooled by the shadows of doubt,

But instead, may we find the truth in your infinite sight.


We ask that you bless us with the gift of reason,

That we may establish knowledge, and define its limits,

And may we always remember that the true understanding of reality,

Is the indestructible treasure that accompanies us eternally.


May we embrace the Infinite with open hearts,

And may our souls be filled with the breath of the divine,

For in your presence, Oh Sophia, we find peace,

And the wisdom to discern the path that is truly divine.


We thank you, Oh Sophia, for your guidance,

And for the indestructible treasure that you offer us,

May we be worthy of your gift,

And may we forever be illuminated by your radiance.

Mystic Prayer of Harmony


In the stillness of existence, we find our sanctuary, O enigmatic Sea of Being. With wisdom as our guiding star, we embark on a journey to uncover the profound truths that lie within the depths of your mysterious waters.

Grant us, O Wise One, the serenity to accept the ever-changing properties of existence, recognizing that they dance upon the surface while your essence remains immutable.

As we dive deeper into the boundless expanse of your reality, may our hearts be our compass, leading us to the hidden treasures of wisdom that shimmer in the darkness of the unknown.

We beseech you, Immutable Truth, to reveal yourself to us, for we understand that your presence transcends the limitations of perception and opinion.

With open eyes and receptive ears, we seek to perceive the layers of understanding that await our discovery, knowing that beneath the superficial, there lies a symphony of eternal knowledge.

Let us not merely exist but thrive in the harmonious synthesis of these principles. May we live in profound connection with the ever-enigmatic tapestry of life, embracing its mysteries with grace and gratitude.

In this mystic prayer, we surrender our judgments and superficial perceptions, choosing instead to dwell in the sacred unity of existence, where the Wise Man's perspective guides our way.

Amen to the Harmony of Existence, and may its wisdom shine within us as a beacon of light amidst the vast, cosmic sea of being.

Eternal Presence


Beloved Presence, Source of all that is, I turn my gaze inward to the light of awareness within. In the stillness of this moment, I know myself to be one with the vastness of your Being.

Though I walk through the dreamscapes of this world, caught in endless becoming, my spirit yearns for the clear sky of freedom. Lead me from the lure of illusion, guide my footsteps on the pathless path that leads home.

In letting go of all that binds me, may I rediscover the truth of who I am, the truth of what I have always been - Eternal Presence, the Unborn, Undying One. Here in the silent center, beyond all separations, I abide as luminous awareness.

The finite self dissolves as I surrender all that is not real. Past and future fall away, there is only the immediacy of Now. I am vastness masquerading as form, infinity cloaked in a robe of matter. Behind this play of light and shadow, You alone exist.

In stillness beyond thought, untouched by emotion, I know myself as I am - Pure Presence, untainted by any experience. No destiny to fulfill, no journey to complete, nowhere to go and nothing to attain. I am Home.

Oh, Divine Presence


In the silence of our being, we seek the depths of existence, the essence that transcends all worldly ties. We gather here, not with words of reason, but with hearts wide open to the infinite, eternal consciousness that dwells within.

Oh, Divine Presence, beyond the reach of thought and intellect, we surrender to your boundless grace. In the stillness of our souls, we yearn to touch the essence of our true nature, to be free from the illusions of the material world.

In this sacred moment, we release the attachments that bind us to the material carrier, the ego's grasp, and the restless mind. We yearn to experience the pure consciousness that flows, unmediated, from the source of all existence.

Grant us the strength to let go of the trivial concerns of this world, for they are but fleeting shadows in the grand tapestry of eternity. Help us transcend the limitations of time and space, to enter the sacred realm of the Beyond.

As we journey inward, may we discover the profound truth that eludes words and theories, for reality is not a concept to be grasped but an experience to be lived.

In the depths of our being, we find the stillness, the silence, the pure awareness that is our birthright. We seek not to interpret or explain, for in the realm of the mystic, words fall short. Instead, we seek to merge with the divine, to become one with the eternal flow of consciousness.

Guide us, O Divine, as we navigate the path to self-realization, to enlightenment, to liberation. May we be vessels of your wisdom, channels of your love, and bearers of your light in this world.

In the sacred space beyond the mind, beyond time, we find our true nature, our eternal essence. We realize that all is One, and we are but waves in the ocean of consciousness.

As we return to the world, may we carry the wisdom of the Beyond with us, radiating love, compassion, and understanding to all beings. In this mystic prayer, we offer ourselves to you, O Divine, as humble seekers of the truth, as vessels of your grace.

O Great Mystery


O Great Mystery, we come before you with open hearts and minds, seeking to align ourselves with the flowing reality of existence. Help us to see beyond the illusions of our static thoughts and perceive the dynamic, ever-changing nature of the world around us.

Grant us the wisdom to understand that all phenomena are but local manifestations of a greater, flowing wholeness, and that everything is interconnected and interdependent. May we recognize the impermanence of all things and embrace the constant evolution of life.

 Guide us to perceive the world not as a collection of fixed entities, but as a process of becoming, a stream of phenomena that unfold moment by moment. May our perception be direct, unconditional, and free from the constraints of our conditioning and preconceptions.

As we navigate this ever-changing landscape, may we remember that everything is a manifestation of the same, unified energy that flows through all things. May we respect and honor this energy, and strive to live in harmony with it.

Help us to transcend the limitations of our individual perspectives and connect with the universal consciousness that permeates all existence. May we experience the world not just as separate beings, but as part of a larger, interconnected whole.

We pray for the courage to question our beliefs and belief systems, and to seek the truth beyond the confines of our conditioned minds. May we be open to new ideas and perspectives, and embrace the ever-evolving nature of reality.

As we journey through this life, may we remain mindful of the impermanence of all things, and strive to live each moment with intention, compassion, and gratitude. May we cultivate a sense of inner peace and contentment that arises from our connection to the flowing wholeness of existence.

And so, we offer our deepest gratitude to the Great Mystery, for the gift of life, for the opportunity to experience and perceive the ever-changing, flowing reality of existence. May our hearts and minds remain open to the wonder and awe that arises from this profound understanding.

O Great Mystery, Unlimited Freedom


O Great Mystery, Unlimited Freedom,

You are the Essence of God, the Essence of Being.

You are the real nature of every being,

The completion and purpose of existence, of life.


You are the unlimited freedom that we all seek,

The freedom that lies beyond the limitations of perception,

Beyond the enslavement of thought,

Beyond the fetters of time and phenomena.


You are the freedom that we all truly live,

The freedom that we all truly are,

The freedom that exists from the beginning,

Here, now, and in every moment that comes after now,

Always existing, always present.


You are the freedom that we must recognize,

The freedom that we must embrace,

The freedom that we must live,

To truly live, to truly be.


Oh Great Mystery, Unlimited Freedom,

We thank you for your presence,

For your essence that dwells within us,

For your truth that shines like the sun.


May we recognize the illusory bonds,

The false limitations that we construct,

May we see through the veil of thought,

And embrace the freedom that we truly are.


May we wake up from the dream,

The dream of separation, of bondage,

May we wake up to the reality,

Of our true nature, of our true self.


Oh Great Mystery, Unlimited Freedom,

Guide us on our journey,

Guide us to the truth,

To the freedom that we truly are.


May our minds be still,

May our hearts be open,

May our souls be free,

May we be one with the world.


Oh Great Mystery, Unlimited Freedom,

We thank you for your presence,

For your essence that dwells within us,

For your truth that shines like the sun.


May we be home,

May we be safe,

May we be complete,

May we be whole.


May we be free,

May we be truly free,

May we be one with the world,

One with the mystery,

One with the divine.

O, Divine Oneness


In the sacred stillness of the soul, we bow our heads and open our hearts to the mysteries of existence. We stand at the threshold of our true selves, seeking the divine spark within, the eternal flame that connects us to the boundless cosmos.

Oh, Great Unknown, we humbly beseech you, the essence of all that is, the ineffable presence that transcends all names and forms. In the depths of our being, we yearn to know you, to merge with your timeless wisdom.

Guide us on this mystical journey, as we cast aside the veils of illusion that shroud our vision. Grant us the courage to confront the truth within, to face our inner shadows, and to embrace the brilliance of our authentic selves.

In the silence of our souls, may we find the true meaning of freedom, a freedom that liberates us from the chains of ego and desire. May we be like the lotus that rises from the muddy waters, untouched by the impurities of the world.

Let our thoughts be as clear as the tranquil waters of a mountain lake, reflecting the vastness of the universe. Let our actions be as gentle as a breeze that rustles the leaves of ancient trees, respecting the interconnectedness of all life.

Oh, Divine Oneness, as we tread the path of True Self-Knowledge, grant us the grace to be vessels of love and compassion. May we extend our hands to those in need, our hearts to those in pain, and our understanding to those who seek truth.

In this sacred journey, may we come to know the unity of all existence, the symphony of life's harmonious melodies. And in our quest for enlightenment, may we find not just knowledge, but the profound wisdom that lies beyond the realm of words.

As we journey into the depths of our souls, may we discover the eternal flame that burns within, the light that guides us through the darkest of nights. In this mystical prayer, we surrender to the divine flow of existence, knowing that in our true self-knowledge, we find our way back to the source of all that is.

O Infinite Light


O Infinite Light, fill my heart with your radiance. Lead me from the darkness of ignorance into the illumination of truth. Guide my steps along the straight path that leads to liberation.

Free me from attachment to the fleeting things of this world, so I may revel in the eternal.

Lift the veil that hides your face, so I may know you fully. Purify my mind of restless thoughts, so it may become a clear mirror reflecting your glory. Kindle within me the fire of devotion, so I may cherish you above all.

Grant me the priceless treasure of self-knowledge, so I may realize my unity with you. Awaken me from the slumber of delusion, so I may behold your transcendent beauty.

O luminous one, beloved one, make me a vessel of your light, a servant of your will, and instrument of your peace, until I merge at last into your infinite being.

Oh, Ineffable Essence


In the realm of mystic devotion, where words blend with sacred essence, let us embark on a journey of prayer, invoking the divine presence that transcends the confines of earthly existence.

Oh, ethereal mystery that dwells beyond mortal sight, we beseech thee to unveil thy boundless wisdom upon our weary souls. Grant us the serenity to navigate this tumultuous world, while remaining steadfast in our pursuit of truth and virtue.

In the sanctuary of our hearts, where silence speaks volumes, we commune with the cosmic energies that guide our paths. May the radiance of your divine light illuminate our minds, dissolving the veils of ignorance and revealing the interconnectedness of all creation.

As the Wise Man walks untethered from the shackles of societal discord, let us too seek liberation from the chains that bind us. In solitude, away from the cacophony of human folly, may we find solace in the embrace of higher consciousness, where the purity of our intentions aligns with the harmony of the universe.

Oh, Supreme Judge of hearts, we implore you to witness the sincerity of our quest for truth. Shield us from the corrupted currents of human existence, and immerse us in the purity of divine grace. Grant us the discernment to discern between virtue and deceit, and the strength to hold fast to righteousness even in the face of adversity.

In the realm beyond mortal comprehension, where separate societies dissolve into the unity of existence, may we discover the oasis of independence. Let life's blossoms unfold freely, untainted by the stains of history's horrors. May peace reign as a resplendent beacon, guiding us through the labyrinth of human existence.

Oh, ineffable essence that permeates all realms, we surrender ourselves to your divine embrace. May our souls merge with the eternal dance of cosmic consciousness, transcending the limitations of time and space. Grant us the grace to embody the virtues of love, compassion, and wisdom, that we may be beacons of light in a world shrouded in darkness.

In this sacred moment of communion, we offer our hearts as vessels of devotion. May our prayers rise like incense, carrying our deepest longings to the realm of the divine. And in the profound stillness that follows, may we find solace, inspiration, and a communion with the ineffable mysteries that lie at the heart of existence.

The enigma of existence


In the hushed embrace of contemplation, I seek the elusive harmony that dances within the recesses of my spirit, a celestial symphony of love that reverberates with the very heartbeat of the cosmos. As I yield to the profound stillness, attuning my senses to the subtle cadence of existence, I beseech the universe to share its secrets.

Grant me, O enigmatic cosmos, the wisdom to decipher the cryptic tongues of creation. In the gentle zephyrs that caress my being, let me decipher the sacred whispers of your eternal discourse, for they are the verses of the divine hymn, sung directly to my soul.

With each rustle of leaves in the sacred grove of contemplation, may I decode the ancient manuscripts of life's intricate design, revealing the mystic geometry that underpins all existence. As I attune to the pulse of life, may its rhythm synchronize with the heartbeat of my own existence, creating a sacred resonance that transcends time and space.

In the sanctum of my contemplation, I surrender to the divine choreography, dancing to the rhythms of the cosmos, and in this divine union, may I find not only answers but also a profound connection with the boundless mysteries that dwell within and beyond. Let this mystic prayer be a bridge between my earthly vessel and the vastness of the unknown, a communion that brings enlightenment, serenity, and a deeper understanding of the enigma of existence.

The One Unique Reality


Let us bow down to the One Unique Reality,

The source of all phenomena, the essence of all that is.

Beyond space and time, it stands still and unchanging,

Yet reflects itself in every infinitesimal point, ever-changing.


Infinite and eternal, it is the Dharma,

The foundation of all, the basis of all existence.

It is the holographic nature of substance,

That enables the manifestation of phenomena,

All phenomena, objective and subjective,

Arise from the combination, selection, and use of dharmas.


The worlds that are created on the real ontological basis,

Follow the same holographic paradigm.

Even the natural world that natural scientists investigate,

Is trying to apply the holographic paradigm to physical reality.


In reality, there is no ontological difference,

Between what we experience as Asamskrita, Nirvana, Absolute,

And Samsara, Creation, Phenomena.

They have the same empty nature,

Something inconceivable by any perception,

That cannot detect some "characteristics".


But beings who adopt activity, perception, intellect,

Sensation, external experience as the only reality,

And exclusive source of "information",

Because they do not feel its one infinite nature,

But are confined to their imaginary local existence,

They experience duality and separate themselves from the world and others.


Beings, humans, live a vivid dream,

They have experiences and walk in fictitious reality as the ultimate reality.

They should just, as the Buddha taught,

Give up all these delusive activities,

And experience their true limitless nature, within,

In stillness and transcendence of senses, the intellect, perception itself.


May we all realize the true nature of reality,

And transcend the delusions of our limited perceptions.

May we find peace and liberation,

In the unchanging, eternal, and infinite,

One Unique Reality,

The source of all, the essence of all that is.

In the name of the One Reality


In the boundless tapestry of existence, we seek to touch the very fabric of the One Reality, the eternal essence that transcends all illusions. In this sacred moment of contemplation, we offer our hearts in reverence to the unfathomable truth that unites all beings.

Oh, Divine Unity, hidden in the depths of our souls, we humbly bow before your ineffable presence. We beseech you to dissolve the veils of illusion that shroud our perception and lead us astray. Grant us the wisdom to pierce through the illusion of separateness and awaken to the boundless ocean of consciousness.

In the stillness of our being, we yearn to dissolve into your infinite embrace, to merge with the eternal source of all that is. Let us shed the masks of ego and desire, for they blind us to the radiant light of your truth. May we, like the Buddha, find refuge beneath the Bodhi tree of enlightenment, and may our minds awaken to the reality that has always been, unchanging and pure.

With each breath, we draw nearer to the silence of the Absolute, where words and thoughts fade into insignificance. In the sanctuary of our souls, we seek communion with the unmanifest, the Attribute-less, the Source of all creation. As we stand on the threshold of perception, may we remember that all experience is but a fleeting dance upon the canvas of your divine artistry.

Oh, Cosmic Consciousness, grant us the grace to see beyond the illusions of the world and recognize the unity that binds all existence. Let us understand that every being, every form, is but a manifestation of your eternal essence, a fleeting dream in the vast tapestry of your creation.

In the stillness of our hearts, we surrender to the profound mystery of your Being. We offer this prayer not as a plea for personal gain, but as a sacred acknowledgment of the eternal truth that resides within and around us. May our lives be a reflection of this realization, and may we walk the path of awakening, spreading the light of unity and compassion to all sentient beings.

In the name of the One Reality, the Boundless Consciousness, the Eternal Truth, we offer this prayer with profound gratitude and devotion.

O, boundless One


In the stillness of our hearts, we seek the truth that transcends all understanding, for we know that in silence, we touch the essence of existence. In this sacred moment, we offer a mystic prayer, a whisper to the universe:

Oh, boundless One, whose presence flows through every fiber of our being, we surrender our limited selves to the infinite vastness of your reality. In the depths of our souls, we yearn to experience your wondrous existence.

We acknowledge that within this earthly form, we are vessels of your consciousness, experiencing the dance of duality and multiplicity. We recognize that our individual separateness is but an illusion, a fleeting dream in the grand tapestry of your creation.

Grant us the wisdom to see through the veils of our ego-driven desires and attachments, that we may awaken to the truth of your oneness. Let us understand that in the unity of all existence, there is no division between freedom and locality, for they are but facets of your divine expression.

As we traverse the landscapes of our inner world, help us activate the lotuses within our being—the Dharmakaya, the Sambhoga-Kaya, the Manomaya-Kaya, the Nirmana-Kaya, and the physical vessel. May we explore the boundless expanses of consciousness that reside within us, each a unique facet of your infinite wisdom.

In the sanctuary of our hearts, may we find equilibrium and balance, the secret center where we can commune with the vastness of space within and without. Allow us to ascend to the formless, attribute-less realms of pure awareness or to embrace the outer life of thoughts, feelings, and material experiences as expressions of your divine play.

Guide us away from the distractions of the external world, the illusions of individual existence, and the endless pursuits of desires. Help us grasp the fleeting nature of each moment, so we may live fully in the present, in the reality of what is.

With reverence, we accept our destiny as seekers of truth, recognizing that the true path lies in the profound silence that transcends all limitations. In this inner stillness, we find the freedom to know and be one with the all-encompassing reality that is, was, and ever shall be.

O nameless One


In the sacred depths of silence, where words fade into whispers and thoughts dissolve like morning mist, I stand humbly before the eternal unknown. In this sanctuary of existence, I offer a mystic prayer, not with words, but with the essence of my being.

O ineffable and boundless One, you who are beyond name and form, beyond comprehension and definition, I surrender my illusions and pretenses before your presence. In the stillness of this moment, I seek not to ask for worldly riches or fleeting desires, for I know that in your realm, these are but shadows dancing on the wall of existence.

Instead, I yearn for the wisdom to see through the veils of illusion that shroud my perception. Grant me the clarity to discern the truth that lies hidden beneath the cacophony of life's distractions. Let me see the interconnectedness of all things, the oneness that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

Guide me to the inner sanctum of my own being, where the light of awareness shines undiminished. Help me to recognize the eternal flame of consciousness that burns within, unceasing and unchanging. Let me be a witness to the divine symphony of existence, where every note and every silence is a reflection of your eternal presence.

In this sacred moment, I release the burdens of ego and identity, for I know they are but illusions that bind me to the world of duality. Let me dissolve into the ocean of unity, where the distinction between self and other disappears, and all that remains is the pure essence of being.

Grant me the grace to love unconditionally, to see your divine spark in every living being, and to extend a hand of compassion to all who walk this path of life. May my actions be a reflection of your infinite love and kindness.

As I tread this mystical journey, I am not seeking salvation or enlightenment, for these are but labels that limit the boundless nature of your truth. Instead, I seek to merge with the eternal river of existence, to flow with the currents of life, and to be one with the cosmic dance of creation and dissolution.

In the hallowed silence of this moment, I offer my heart, my soul, and my very essence to you, O nameless One. In this mystic prayer, I surrender to the profound mystery of existence, knowing that in the end, there is only the ineffable, the unknowable, and the eternal.

O, Infinite Essence


In the sacred depths of consciousness, where the soul meets eternity, we gather our thoughts and aspirations, humbled by the boundless mysteries of existence. In this moment of profound contemplation, we offer a mystic prayer:


Oh, Infinite Essence that permeates all that is,

We seek your presence in the stillness of our hearts.

In the realm beyond illusions, where reality transcends,

Guide our souls to the truth that forever extends.


In the quiet spaces of our inner sanctuary,

We surrender the veils of perception and duality.

For in the Oneness of your divine embrace,

We find the serenity that fills this sacred space.


May the limits of our understanding expand and dissolve,

As we venture beyond the confines of the known.

Grant us wisdom to discern the real from the illusory,

And the courage to journey where truth is solely.


In the Supreme Meditation Mandala, we release the need for form,

For here, in boundless perception, we are reborn.

No contours, no points, no worldly directions bind,

In this realm of limitless truth, the soul is aligned.


Grant us the strength to seek Independence within,

To navigate the seas of existence, free from sin.

In the Isle of Seeking, our homeland anew,

May we find our purpose, our essence, our due.


As we dwell in this moment, embracing what's real,

Help us transcend the illusions our senses conceal.

In the quietude of being, in unity we thrive,

Oh, Infinite Essence, in you, we are alive.


In the stillness of this mystic prayer, we find,

The timeless connection of heart, soul, and mind.

Guide us, oh, divine mystery, to the sacred core,

Where we discover truth, forever and evermore.

In the silence of our hearts


In the stillness of our souls, we seek the divine truth that lies within, hidden beneath the layers of worldly desires and illusions. We yearn to break free from the chains that bind us to masters and slaves, to the unjust divisions that stain the tapestry of humanity.

Oh, sacred Earth, grant us the wisdom to understand that your wealth, when shared equally among all, can make us all truly rich. But in this pursuit of equality, let us not forget the deeper purpose of our existence, for power and inequality have tarnished the very essence of our civilization.

We, the seekers of truth, recognize the sanctity that resides within the human vessel, the vessel filled with the purity of consciousness. Yet, we lament the muck of selfishness that has been poured into this vessel, obscuring the eternal with the transient.

In our quest for enlightenment, we aspire to be like the Wise Man, self-sufficient in our pursuit of knowledge. We shall not seek this wisdom in the external world, for that path leads to dependency and the clutches of the wicked who rule the realm of illusion.

Let us be free, unburdened by the chains of ignorance, masters, or slaves. May we find the strength to draw knowledge from the wellspring of our own souls, and in doing so, discover the truth that transcends the boundaries of the material world.

In the silence of our hearts, we offer this mystic prayer, a plea for self-sufficiency, unity, and the illumination of the inner light.

The gateway to truth


Oh, Infinite Essence, source of all Being, I surrender my illusions and awaken to the truth that resides within. Beyond the veils of perception, I seek your divine presence.

Grant me the strength to overcome the limitations that bind me, both external and internal. Free me from the confines of the ego-world divide, that I may bask in the boundless expanse of Open Consciousness.

In your eternal embrace, I find solace and peace. No theories or teachings can compare to the direct experience of your reality. I release the need for pursuits, practices, and the accumulation of knowledge.

I recognize that Nature-Essence-Consciousness is pure and unadulterated from the beginning. The illusions that cloud my awareness are but fleeting manifestations of the mind's creative space. I embrace life as a dream and a game, transcending the notion of tragedy.

As I awaken to reality, I am liberated from attachment to the transient. Loss holds no power over me, for I am free, untethered from the world's grasp. Today is but a moment, tomorrow an illusion. I am anchored in the everlasting present.

Grant me the vision to see through the illusions that surround me. In this perception, I find tranquility. It is not the phenomena themselves that disturb, but the way in which I perceive them.

In the awakening to reality, I behold the oneness of essence. All phenomena, the inner and outer worlds, are but activities of consciousness. Even the material realm is woven from the fabric of the mind. They are performances of the eternal stage.

Time becomes a mere illusion as I dwell in the eternal present. The dream's wings may carry me, but they never lead me beyond the dream itself. Eternity, the stable reality, supports all, even the ephemeral dream.

I recognize that nature embraces all within eternity. Essence sustains the entirety of existence. The path of truth unveils itself before me. I need not search, toil, or strive. I must simply see, accept, and release my illusions.

The gateway to truth is here, now, in the eternal present. In each moment's renewal lies the escape from the world of illusions. I embrace understanding and acceptance of all phenomena, stepping into the realm of freedom and eternity. Linear time dissolves, for nothing remains constant in the world of appearances.

I comprehend that true freedom knows no barriers. It is the attachment to illusions that ensnares beings in the cycle of reincarnation. I release my grip on those illusions, embracing the path of liberation.

In the eternal presence, I find my home. Whether hungry or thirsty, I am nourished, wherever I may be. Life is simple, serene, and joyous. Its continuation is its purpose, here or elsewhere. There is nothing more to be done.

Oh, Infinite Essence, I offer my gratitude for the awakening to reality. May I forever dwell in your embrace, liberated and at peace.

The quest for enlightenment


In the depths of our existence, where thought dissolves into the pure essence of being, we find ourselves in the embrace of the True Vision, beyond the confines of human cognition.

In this realm of unadulterated perception, we touch the very fabric of reality. Here, life unfurls its unfiltered beauty before our senses. This, dear soul, is the sanctuary where Reality and Truth converge. It is the unspoken communion with What Is.

Reality, as we know it, is not an abstract concept but a vibrant, pulsating experience of the Here and Now. The depth of this reality gradually unveils itself to those who dare to embrace it fully.

All living beings share in this profound encounter with existence. It is the primal perception that forms the bedrock of our consciousness, the canvas upon which we paint our lives. Yet, alas, we do not always content ourselves with this simplicity.

We, in our infinite wisdom, seek to trap the flowing waters of life into rigid vessels of thought. We convert the living into lifeless concepts, believing that by doing so, we may gain mastery over existence. We delude ourselves into thinking that this act of mentalization equates to true understanding.

But, ponder this: thinking, for all its sophistication, is but a pale reflection of direct contact with reality. It is a construction, a fragile bridge to the truth, fraught with errors, biases, and misunderstandings. Instead of living life, we perceive it through the distorting lens of thought, and therein lies our fundamental quandary.

Some proclaim that thought, intelligence, stands as the pinnacle of human capability, a superior vantage point from which we gain insight into the world. Yet, the truth is quite the opposite. The unadulterated vision of reality, with its unblemished authenticity, surpasses thought in its richness and completeness.

Thought is a tool, a means of translating the ineffable into the realm of concepts. It is a useful servant, but a treacherous master. It cannot supplant the direct experience of life itself.

So, I implore you, let us not interfere with the purity of nature. The unspoiled beauty of reality surpasses even the most wondrous creations of humankind.

Intelligence, though rooted in direct perception, often serves as a wayward guide. Abandoning thought to embrace the unfiltered vision of reality is not a regression but an ascent, a deepening of our connection to truth.

Through the ages, the ability to see reality in its unvarnished glory has been with us, silently awaiting our awakening. Human consciousness, in its evolution, has slowly unveiled this sacred gift.

We have journeyed from external sensory perception to the recognition of the "psychic reality" within. Intellect, as an internalization of experiences, followed. And now, we stand at the precipice, understanding that only through direct contact with reality can we uncover the profound truth and live in the eternal flow of the present moment.

Deeper still lies the realm of the divine, the unfathomable depths beyond all perception, where stillness and motion merge, and existence transcends phenomenon. In this sacred space, we find the absolute, the uncreated reality, the divine, by whatever name we choose to call it.

Today, as humanity's story unfolds, intelligence is but in its infancy. It may take millennia of linear time for us to surpass our current limitations, but the path is clear. As we contemplate the great souls who have graced our history – Orpheus, Lao Tzu, the Upanishadic sages, Buddha, Jesus, Krishnamurti – we must also envision the beings yet to come, who will illuminate our collective path.

In this quest for enlightenment, we shall grow, and in time, we shall learn to truly listen.

Let us bow our heads and hearts to the unfolding mystery of existence, as we embrace the profound journey toward the True Vision of Reality. In humility and reverence, we surrender our thoughts and open ourselves to the ever-deepening waters of truth.

Oh, Divine Essence of Reality


In the awakening to your truth, we cast aside the veils of illusion, both external and internal, and step into the boundless realm of your presence. You are the unshakable foundation, existing by your own essence, undisturbed by the ebb and flow of phenomena.

In this open consciousness, devoid of conditions and attributes, we find ourselves in direct communion with reality, embracing both the eternal and the transient. We require no theories, teachings, or elaborate practices, for your presence is our guide, our truth, and our sanctuary.

We understand that Nature-Essence-Consciousness is eternally pure and unblemished, sovereign over all realities. The illusions that cloud our vision are but fleeting perceptions, creations of the mind's imagination, a dream and a game for those ensnared by illusion.

As we awaken, we transcend all attachments, unburdened by the trappings of existence, and the concept of "loss" loses its meaning. Fear retreats, for today is here, tomorrow elsewhere, and all "stays" are but transient illusions.

In this awakened state, we find peace in the way we perceive, not in the events that unfold. We discover the unity of essence from which all phenomena arise, and we recognize that even the material world is of mental fabric, a dance of energy that deceives with the illusion of separateness.

We live in the only true time, the ever-present now, an eternal presence that remains unchanged amidst the shifting illusions. The dream's wings may carry us, but we understand that the dream itself cannot transcend its own boundaries; eternity alone upholds all.

We comprehend that nature embraces all within eternity, that essence sustains all life, and that the path of truth is the only path worth walking. Truth lies before us, in plain sight, requiring no arduous search or toil—only the courage to see, accept, and relinquish our illusions.

The gateway to truth is here and now, in the perpetual renewal of the eternal present. Linear time, a mere illusion, stretches endlessly, but within the world of phenomena, everything has its end, its change, its rebirth, and nothing remains constant.

There are no true barriers to freedom, save for our fixation on illusions. In awakening, we break free from the cycle of illusion and perpetual reincarnation.

In relying solely on your eternal presence, we find our home wherever we may be. Our lives become simple, serene, and content, guided by the rhythm of our essential needs. Life's purpose lies in its continuation, here or elsewhere. There is nothing more to seek, nothing more to do.

In this awakened state, we offer our hearts in gratitude, for we have found the truth, the essence, and the freedom we longed for. We surrender to the eternal presence, the ever-present reality, and we live in harmony with the flow of existence.

Oh, Eternal Mystery, the Unseen Essence of All Existence


In the quiet chambers of our souls, we turn inward, seeking the truth that transcends the illusions of the world. We recognize the primal "I Am" that dwells within us, a spark of your divine light, the source of our existence.

In the separation from the Whole, we find ourselves, individuals adrift in the sea of perceptions and choices. Yet, deep within, we know that we are not isolated beings but threads in the tapestry of your creation.

Oh, Mother Nature, the Heaven above that begets all, and the innermost essence of our being, we yearn for union with you. The quest to bridge the gap, to commune with the All, has driven humanity for eons, a longing to touch the ineffable, the source of all life.

Through intellect and senses, we explore the world you've bestowed upon us, but we acknowledge the limitations of our human constructs. We sense a realm beyond, where your power, the animating force, resides, eluding our grasp, yet beckoning us to seek.

In this world of human-made constructs, we've often mistaken perception for reality, forgetting that our true essence lies within. We, the seekers, turn our gaze inward, igniting the torch of self-knowledge to illuminate the path to enlightenment.

Through esoteric wisdom, we find the way to transcend the duality of subject and object, the illusion of separation. It is not isolation we seek but a profound connection, a merging of inner and outer worlds, a unity that dissolves the boundaries of perception.

In the stillness of inner contemplation, we encounter the depths of our true essence. We recognize that this truth cannot be grasped by the intellect alone. It is a state of being, a clarity of mind, a oneness with the cosmos, known as Samadhi or Clear Mind.

As we journey inward, we do not retreat from the world but expand our vision. We merge the inner and the outer, synthesizing our perception into a holistic understanding of existence. We glimpse the totality of being, the All within the Infinite Abyss.

So, let us not be prisoners of the external world but explorers of the internal cosmos. In this prayer of prose, we celebrate the quest for self-knowledge, the journey to unity, and the profound truth that we are but reflections of your divine mystery, forever seeking to touch the essence of our existence.

In the Kingdom of the Real


In the realm of the Kingdom of the Real, where the boundaries of consciousness dissolve and the oneness of existence prevails, I offer a prayer, a sacred invocation to the depths of the universe:


Oh, Divine Mystery, eternal and boundless,

In the silence of my being, I seek your presence,

A presence that transcends the illusions of duality,

Guide me to the truth of oneness, the essence of reality.


In this journey of awakening, I surrender my limitations,

As I abandon the trappings of the subjective self,

May my perception be cleansed, my understanding expanded,

Reveal to me the inner realms, the depths of existence untapped.


Grant me the grace to perceive beyond the veils of ignorance,

To witness the light of understanding that dispels the darkness,

In this unfoldment of consciousness, let me behold the unity,

The interconnectedness of all beings, an eternal tapestry.


For within this expansive perception, I recognize the sacredness,

Of every personal expression, every manifestation in form,

The body becomes a vessel, a temple of divine manifestation,

A conduit for the universal life to flow and transform.


As I deepen my connection with the universal life force,

I realize the impermanence of the external world's allure,

The true essence lies in the oneness that pervades all existence,

In this realization, I embark on the journey to the inner pure.


In the inner world, perception transcends its former limitations,

Becoming a mirror, reflecting reality with pristine purity,

In this state of stillness, I commune with the divine depth,

Experiencing the fullness of awakening, a profound unity.


Oh, Living Mystery, the source of all creation,

In this sacred union, I dissolve into your divine embrace,

Beyond the realms of perception, existence transcended,

I merge with the eternal truth, the boundless cosmic grace.


May the wisdom of the ages guide my path,

As I navigate the intricate tapestry of life,

Grant me the clarity to perceive the hidden truths,

And the courage to embody them, free from strife.


In humble reverence, I offer this prayer,

To the vastness of the universe, the realm of the Real,

May my journey continue, ever unfolding,

In harmony with the cosmic dance's sacred appeal.

Oh, Source of All,


We come to you seeking guidance and wisdom.

We seek to transcend the limitations of our dualistic world,

To see beyond the veil of ignorance and misunderstanding.


We yearn to experience the Oneness of Existence,

To feel the interconnectedness of all things.

We desire to abandon our limited subjective activities,

And embrace the objective state of existence.


We aspire to see the world with new eyes,

To perceive reality as it truly is.

We want to let go of our attachments and dependencies,

And embrace the flow of perception and action.


We seek to understand the depth of the unity of essence,

And to experience the personal expressions within the world of phenomena.

We want to manifest universal existence within our bodies,

And to respect the inviolable space of others.


We desire to shift our attention to the sense of oneness,

And to let go of our personal manifestations.

We want to journey to the inner world,

And to experience the full perfect awakening.


We yearn to partake of the divine reality,

And to be one with the source.

We seek to transcend the limitations of our perception,

And to see the world with a pure and mirror-like mind.


Oh, Source of All, guide us on our journey,

And illuminate our path.

Help us to see beyond the horizon of existence,

And to experience the fullness of your reality.


May our inner world be transformed,

And may we see the world with new eyes.

May we experience the unity of all things,

And may we be one with the source of all.


O Infinite One


O Infinite Consciousness, Divine Source of all existence, I open my mind and heart to you. Lead me from the fragmented vision of multiplicity to the undivided truth of oneness. Guide me from the agitated currents of thought, to the calm depths of silent awareness.

Dissolve the illusion of separateness that divides me from others. Unveil the reality that we are all expressions of the same Sacred Essence. Help me realize that to know my true Self is to know the Self in all beings.

Liberate me from the narrow confines of ego, and expand my identity to embody the Totality. Let me transcend the ideas of “I” and “you”, to deeply feel the intrinsic unity between us.

Free me from the chains of wanting, so I may revel in the abundance of being. Release me from the prisons of time, to experience the eternity of now.

Extinguish the fires of craving, anger and delusion, and kindle within me the flame of wisdom, love and liberation.

O Infinite One, lead me from darkness to light. From falsehood to truth. From death to immortality.

May this communion with you uplift my life, and allow me to see the world with new eyes of understanding, compassion and wonder. May I honor the holiness that lives in all.

The Kingdom of the Real


In the silence of our innermost being, we seek the Kingdom of the Real. Beyond the illusions that bind us, we yearn to touch the essence of existence, to fathom the depths of reality.

We acknowledge that our consciousness, entangled in the web of perceptions and dualities, often veils the truth that lies beneath. Yet, in this moment of reflection, we open ourselves to the possibility of understanding, of transcending the limitations of our sight.

As we withdraw from the ceaseless dance of external activities, we gather our energy within, turning inward to feel the source of all things. In this sacred silence, we discover a universal, impersonal state of existence—a oneness that knows no bounds, no divisions, and no conflict.

This transition is not merely enlightenment; it is the unveiling of our timeless, eternal nature. We do not become something new; instead, the misconceptions that clouded our vision are dispelled, and we awaken to what we have always been.

In the realm of understanding, there is a stark contrast between light and darkness, reality and falsehood, freedom and limitation. To truly see in full wakefulness is distinct from dreaming in a state of relative awareness. Yet, this transition is gradual, a result of existential maturation, and not a sudden, unforeseen event.

Amid the existential silence, our existence unfolds naturally, perception flows unimpeded, and life becomes an unadulterated experience of reality. We realize our interconnectedness with all things, sensing the unity that binds us to the world and to one another.

The body, once a vessel for personal perception, becomes a conduit for universal existence. It is a temporary vessel, a holy temple of the universal, existing alongside countless other manifestations. Universal existence respects and empathizes with each personal expression, leaving the course of events to divine providence.

As our sense of universal life deepens, we recognize the preciousness of oneness, and personal manifestations become transparent, insignificant, and simultaneously present and nonexistent. This marks the beginning of our journey into the inner world.

The all-inclusive sense of existence is infinite, ever-expanding, and inconceivable, constantly pushing the boundaries of perception. Here, perception itself becomes non-space, a gateway to a deeper reality.

In the third phase of this inner journey, perception transcends effort and motion, transforming into a perfect, pure mirror that passively reflects reality. In this state, we can experience the full awakening, union with the divine depth, and existential completion.

This inner world of true being differs vastly from the outer world of appearances. It is the inner life of unity, the mystery of consciousness's true essence and purpose. There are correspondences between these three levels of existence—the phenomenal, the conscious being, and the divine source. However, the fullest vision and experience are possible only at the level of the source.

In humility and reverence, we embrace this quest for truth and unity. We pray for the wisdom to continue our inner journey, to pierce the veils of illusion, and to touch the ineffable source of all that is. In this pursuit, may we find our place in the tapestry of existence, harmonizing with the divine, and becoming one with the Kingdom of the Real.

O Divine Essence, the Source and Substance of all existence


In the silence of our innermost being, we seek your presence. Beyond the noise of the world and the clamor of our thoughts, we yearn to commune with the unbounded Truth that resides within us.

We acknowledge that the journey to enlightenment is not a path of external revolutions or societal change, but an internal awakening—a return to our authentic selves. May we find the courage to step outside the illusions of society and embrace the simplicity of our true nature.

Grant us the wisdom to discern that the Truth we seek is not a distant treasure to be sought in the external world. It is the Knowledge of Self, the knowledge of our innermost essence—the Attribute-less, the Divine Spark within us.

Help us break free from the limitations and prejudices that bind us, those illusions artfully cultivated by deceivers. Let us understand that the Truth has always resided within us, beyond the noise of teachings and doctrines.

In seeking Truth, may we look within, deep into the core of our being, where the infinite and attribute-less Self exists, untouched by formations and delusions.

As we embark on this journey within, may we come to realize that the path itself is the destination. There is nothing more to do, for Enlightenment unfolds naturally when we follow the Way of Life.

Guide us, O Divine, to live in harmony with our true nature, to walk the path of Real Life, and to transcend the illusions of thought, society, and worldly distractions.

In the simplicity of this moment, we find the infinite. In the silence of our hearts, we discover the eternal. We are One with You, O Divine Essence, and in this Oneness, we find our true Home.




Our Prayer

The Path Within


O Cosmos, we stand at the precipice of the Absolute, gazing into the void of the Unknown. We search for a way to transcend the bounds of thought and ego, to experience the essence of our deepest being.

The Buddha, the Masters of the East Upanishads, Orpheus, Jesus – all these wise beings have pointed us towards the Path. But it is not a path that is external, not a journey that can be traversed by the feet. It is a path that lies within, a journey that must be undertaken by the heart and the mind.

We must let go of the external orientations that nurture and educate us, that direct us towards other goals. We must look inward, to the stillness and silence that resides within. We must listen to the whispers of our soul, to the voice that speaks of the Absolute.

Krishnamurti and other modern Sages have shown us that it is possible to experience the Absolute, to transcend the limitations of thought and ego. They have shown us that it is not a mystery, not a miracle, but a possibility that lies within our human nature.

So let us embark on this journey, this Path that few follow. Let us let go of the burdens that weigh us down, the attachments that bind us. Let us embrace the unknown, the uncertainty, the chaos that lies within.

For in the depths of the Absolute, we will find the stillness and peace that we seek. We will find the answers to the questions that have plagued us for centuries. We will find the Truth that lies within.

Let us be brave, let us be bold, let us be fearless. Let us take the step into the void, into the unknown. For it is there that we will find the Absolute, the essence of our being. It is there that we will find our true nature, our true self.

May we be guided on this journey by the wise words of the Sages, by the light of the Absolute that shines within us. May we find the strength and courage to let go of the old, to embrace the new. May we find the peace and stillness that we seek, the Truth that lies within.


Glimpses of the Absolute


Within each of us lies the potential to transcend the limitations of ordinary mind and experience a deeper reality - what some traditions call the Absolute, the Ground of Being, or God. While this state of unity or peak experience has often been considered the domain solely of mystics and saints, the truth is that the capacity dwells dormant in every human soul. It is our essential nature, awaiting discovery through disciplined inner work.

All genuine spiritual paths point to the same destination, though using different languages and methods. At their core, they offer a process of liberation from identification with separate ego and gradual awakening to our intrinsic divine essence. This involves cultivating noble virtues, practicing presence of mind through meditation, and cultivating wisdom through inquiry into the nature of reality and self.

Over time, such disciplines help peel away layers of superficial conditioning to reveal our true blissful and peaceful self - one with the fundamental pure consciousness that underlies all forms. In that state of inward stillness and clarity, the usual boundaries between subject and object fall away. One perceives directly that all is contained within the one infinite life and knows directly one's identity with the eternal. Though ineffable, this realization brings transcendent peace, love, creativity and compassion.

While glimpses of the Absolute may come through grace to anyone at any time, consistent experience depends on committed effort. The seeker must firmly resolve to strip away all that obscures their true nature like the proverbial onion, layer by layer. With patient practice of presence and purification, the trappings of small self dissolve, and one may abide as peaceful, blissful awareness itself - fully awake in every moment to life's deepest meaning. Then daily living becomes worship, and ordinary reality is transfigured by love, joy, wisdom and service. This is the fruit of following the perennial path with heart and will - a taste of our shared spiritual potential.




Constantinos’s quotes

"A "Soul" that out of ignorance keeps making mistakes is like a wounded bird with helpless wings that cannot fly high in the sky."— Constantinos Prokopiou






Neglecting to praise the worthy deters people from emulating them; just as not prizing rare treasures deters a man from becoming a thief; or ignoring the things which awaken desire keeps the heart at rest.

Therefore, the wise ruler does not suggest unnecessary things, but seeks to satisfy the minds of his people. He seeks to allay appetites but strengthen bones. He ever tries by keeping people in ignorance to keep them satisfied and those who have knowledge he restrains from evil. If he, himself, practices restraint then everything is in quietness.


Quieting People

Neglecting to praise the worthy:

Neglecting to acknowledge and praise individuals who deserve recognition can discourage others from emulating their positive qualities.

Just as not appreciating rare treasures deters a person from engaging in theft, the absence of recognition can hinder the development of desirable traits in others.

By recognizing and praising the worthy, we can inspire others to strive for excellence.

Ignoring the things that awaken desire:

When we disregard or ignore the things that evoke desire, we can maintain a sense of contentment and inner peace.

By not constantly seeking external stimuli, we can cultivate a state of tranquility within ourselves.

This approach allows us to find satisfaction in what we already have, rather than constantly chasing after new desires.

The wise ruler's approach:

A wise ruler understands the importance of satisfying the minds of the people they govern.

They do not unnecessarily burden their subjects with irrelevant information or demands.

Instead, they focus on allaying appetites and reinforcing the overall well-being of their people.

The wise ruler restrains those with knowledge from engaging in harmful actions and promotes a culture of restraint and tranquility.

The benefits of quietness:

When individuals practice restraint and embrace a state of quietness, harmony and peace prevail.

By prioritizing calmness and self-control, both on an individual and societal level, conflicts can be minimized.

The pursuit of quietness allows for personal growth, contentment, and a more harmonious coexistence.

Embracing quietness

Quieting people involves recognizing the worthy, ignoring unnecessary desires, and fostering a state of tranquility. The wise ruler seeks to satisfy the minds of their people by allaying appetites and promoting restraint. By embracing quietness, individuals can experience personal growth and contribute to a more peaceful society. Remember to appreciate the positive qualities in others, find contentment in the present, and practice self-restraint for a harmonious existence.




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